Our Philosophy

Harbury Consulting has developed a unique and inspiring business model, based on the recognition that traditional recruitment methods have often failed to provide clients and candidates with the results they need.


It is not always well understood how much value the right recruitment partner can add to the success of an organisation, not only in terms of managing its talent programme but also in helping to define the structure and ethos of the management team.


With 20 years of experience, supported by a superb network of contacts at senior management and divisional board level, Harbury has developed an exceptional understanding of the recruitment market and the specialised methodologies that guarantee success.


Harbury’s background philosophy, based around a total focus on delivering top quality talent to its clients, is reflected in an enviable track record, coupled with the ability to support businesses and leaders through complicated change processes including upscaling, new ventures, realigning and restructuring.


Working right across the UK and with International organisations has given Harbury a fantastic understanding of the demographics and diverse regional challenges, and this knowledge has been key to informing its expert advice and the service it provides.


Working with us

Harbury is different. We take time getting to know you, your business and key stakeholders. We find out what drives your company, how you operate, your management style and the future plans for the business. This extra attention to detail creates the most effective service for recruiting the top management and talent for you.

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