Our 7 Step  Process

Harbury’s 7 step process can be deployed effectively across various disciplines and functions within your business. Its uniqueness means that Harbury can adapt this process depending on the methodology chosen for each individual recruitment project, be that search or selection.

  1. Establish a comprehensive description of the role with input from all relevant stakeholders; identify, document and agree the ideal candidate profile covering essential experience, preferred background, knowledge and abilities.
  2. With the client, map the relevant organisations and or competitors in the respective regions who are most likely to be employing our ideal candidate.
  3.  Identify and map key contact names, potential candidates and details.
  4. The initial candidate approach to be undertaken by Harbury’s researcher to assess potential interest on behalf of the candidate, their skillsets and experience. Follow-up by a Harbury trained consultant to assess whether the candidate’s profile meets the agreed specification, and therefore merits a face-to-face meeting.
  5. Meet and interview prospective candidates to assess skills, experience and especially their potential fit with client style and culture, using this meeting to brief candidate on client’s requirements.
  6.  Present shortlist and manage the interview plan. The shortlist includes skill assessment and activity report to the client, making sure all stakeholders are kept in the loop and any follow-up questions or issues can be addressed.
  7. Managing, agreeing and concluding the offer and acceptance stage before delivering an On- boarding service. We recognise how important the first 3/6 months can be in a new organisation, Harbury continue to provide a tailored aftercare service to ensure the right start and development.

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