What We Do

Harbury Consulting have created a proven methodology and process for key recruitment strategies. This has been built on our passion to make the recruitment process work for both employer and candidate in addition to recognising that recruitment is more effective with a clear and collaborative process. The Harbury approach can be broken down into these targeted areas:

A Bespoke Recruitment Process

The Harbury model is all about a tailored solution.  By analysing your individual needs and requirements Harbury can provide solutions that cater for a wide variety of scenarios.  From projects requiring confidentiality, or sensitive handling, to understanding your sector and niche in so much detail that the most cost effective solutions can be found – it is Harbury’s mission to bring out the best talent with simple methodologies that deliver the maximum results.  Our belief in becoming your recognised long-term partner means we register clients, not candidates. This informed management process guarantees a tailored solution for every project; this approach is cost effective, dramatically reduces new hire risks, frees up senior management time, provides greater visibility and swifter outcomes, and, most importantly, satisfies your business and your candidates.

Building Relationships

Building a relationship with your company lies at the core of what makes Harbury different. Taking time to understand your business and establishing close links to its stakeholders means Harbury is positioned to offer a true consultative service which takes control and ownership of the entire recruitment process and adds real extra value to the project. This powerful approach is illustrated in some of the services Harbury offer:


  • Analysing, and deploying the right methodology for each project
  • Creating the job specification and brief
  • Establishing salary bench marking and commentary
  • Providing structural advice and design
  • Providing a tailored aftercare service to both clients and candidates

The 7 Step Process

Harbury follow a 7 step recruitment process.  Developed to be as efficient and effective as possible, this proven approach to resourcing can be deployed across all areas of your business and works successfully for individual and campaign recruitment projects.  With built-in flexibility, our in-house designed process is easily adaptable for most recruitment challenges.

Recognising your business’ future goals

A passionate belief in thoroughly understanding your future business direction means Harbury can work with you to deliver your vision by recruiting candidates that suit your culture and are the right fit to support your business moving forward.

‘People buy people’ and Harbury Consulting’s expertise recognises that the cultural fit is just as critical as a person’s skills.

Areas of Expertise

Divisional Board Recruitment

Getting the right leadership is critical in deploying your strategy and improving performance particularly through periods of driving change. Harbury have gained valuable experience and an understanding across start-ups (PE/VC), SMEs and larger corporations. We offer a private and confidential service ensuring you engage the right recruitment strategies from detailed head hunting through to selection activities. For all specific head hunting requirements, we take full ownership for the complete recruitment process, as well as utilising trusted search partners for key markets and sectors.  Some examples of our areas of expertise have been across identifying effective Finance Directors, Finance Controllers, Managing Directors, Commercial Directors, Sales Directors, Account Directors, General Managers, HR Directors, IT Directors and Operations Directors.

Management Recruitment

To support our customers and long-term relationships, as recruitment experts Harbury have been engaged on key and pivotal management recruitment to ensure the right outcomes are achieved. This has often followed a key senior hire or when traditional methods have not been effective. Harbury have recruited for particular managerial roles for example Health and Safety Manager, Plant Manager, Head of Finance, Finance Business Partner, Finance Analyst, HR Manager and Engineering maintenance.

Campaign/Project Recruitment

Harbury have supported and helped in consulting, advising and delivering to a diverse range of organisations through sensitive restructuring, relocation programmes and organisational change.

Executive Outplacement/Career Coaching

Through demand and recognition Harbury offers a personal service supporting organisations through displacement of executives. Often through change an executive is displaced through no fault of their own, and we are able to provide a service that supports these executives through the transition period. It is tailored to each individual and has been created as part of Harbury’s end to end recruitment offering.  Harbury act as a coach and trusted partner to their search activities and is with them every step of the way. Services offered include: CV writing, interview preparation and planning, psychometric testing, assisting in targeting the right employer and providing guidance on identifying the right opportunity. Harbury concentrates on instilling confidence, ownership and provides the tools to be effective by one on one coaching with a service that can be kept available and accessed as needed. We do not limit the time you require as we recognise that in order to be effective we may be required at key stages and at different times during your search activities as your trusted advisor.

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