Collision Management Systems



CMS is a specialist in the provision of collision data intelligence solutions to help companies improve insurance claims efficiency, cut claims costs and reduce fraud exposure. Backed by unique research, next generation telematics technology and a market leading Internet of Things platform, they pride themselves on being able to deliver complex data driven solutions quickly simply and effectively. Handling motor claims is a complex business with often hundreds of decisions to make within every claim. At CMS they believe the entire claims process should not only be pro-active, but more efficient, accurate and above all cost effective. As experts in providing unique, instant collision data intelligence CMS is able to combine its own workflow enabled software, unparalleled infrastructure flexibility and unique research to transform the way your claims are handled today.




This was an exciting time for this new start-up venture. The investors and CEO were on the search for a CFO. They tried the normal route of a specialist contingency finance agency. They viewed a lot of CVs and preselected themselves, only to find the person they wanted was not that interested.


“ Harbury recognised the need to search and hunt for this individual and spent time with the key investors and stakeholders as they recognised how the needs and skill sets differ between a start-up business and established business.

With this understanding they prepared a specification that made our pitch and needs clearer. They implemented a rigorous process that would present a shortlist of candidates who were committed and interested and had the required skills and experiences, and who were also the right fit as a person. All we had to do was meet the assessed candidates and select the candidate that we wanted in our team.

It has been easy to engage with Harbury who continue to support and advise us. They have also contributed by going out of their way in providing us with senior and industry specialists who have been useful on our journey.”


Charles Smith – CEO
John Owen – Chairman