Energy Developments Limited



Our client, Energy Developments Limited (UK) is part of Energy Developments Inc. an Australian based (ASX listed) clean and remote energy company. “Its landfill and coal gas plants in Australia, the US, UK and Greece abate 11 million tonnes a year of carbon dioxide, which would be the equivalent of taking three million cars off the road!” The UK business operates and manages 10 landfill sites powering reciprocating gas generators producing a high power output.




The CEO UK/Europe was searching for a firm that understood their business model and could deliver a plan that would attract the best talent into the business in Central London. At the same time support and advice the management team on the market conditions, recruitment methodologies, specification and structure development as this opportunity was created with key stakeholders from assessing the business needs, challenges and plans.



“I had heard of Harbury and their reputation but had not had the opportunity in working with him directly. I came across Hardeep in 2013 when he was supporting one of my industry colleagues who I trust implicitly, he delivered and completed a key piece of work for them for a particular and critical skill set which would deliver a business change for them.

I gave Harbury the challenge in formulating this opportunity and utilising both their consulting services and search and selection methodologies.

Harbury provided all the support and advice allowing us to make informed decisions and showed their value and expertise in the Energy market. Hardeep and his team helped us and communicated throughout the key stages from their 7 step process with a clear and defined timetable, which instilled me with confidence that it was in safe hands. They capitalised on their expertise in managing these processes which can at times be challenging. Harbury managed these with a fine tooth comb and had covered all bases from the start of the process showing us that we were really partnering with true experts as they highlighted risks and opportunities to us diligently and allowed us to make the decisions on the choices presented.

Hardeep has truly shown his worth in managing this process from inception through to on-boarding, we are delighted with our recruitment and their professionalism throughout the process. We look forward to working with them again as we continue our evolution. They have a great understanding of business and operations and was able to engage at all levels and understood the needs of the UK business and group requirements. Harbury is truly a business that aspires in developing long term partnerships and really has got to know our business and culture. I congratulate them on their efforts and results hence they are now in the process of shaping a critical role for us that would support the business change. We have now made a decision to utilise their expertise and have utilised them across the business and operations.”


Paul Andrews – CEO UK and Europe


“I knew of Hardeep’s reputation in the marketplace prior to his initial contact. Through this process from initial contact, assessment and through to on-barding at Energy Development UK Hardeep and his team were professional, integral and supportive throughout the process. He knew the needs and culture thoroughly and I enjoyed the rigorous process they had set out to identify the best talent. This highlighted to me that they were very different from a high street specialist as they understood the role and business, which in my experience made them stand out from the crowd. They are very client centric, this in turn benefited me as a candidate as I received a high level of service which Hardeep and the research team managed really well. I congratulate him on a great service and look forward to working with him into the future.”


David Truelove – Director of Commercial and Finance